Beverly Richardson

As Riverside’s art teacher, I love to combine art and nature.  This is my sixth year at Riverside. I grew up in Maury County and  even went to Riverside Elementary from 1st through 6th! Of course that was a few years ago! After teaching all day, I spend time taking care of my fainting goats, chickens, peacocks and a few other critters.  I have three children, a daughter who is 26 and twin sons who are  24.  My hobbies include reading, hiking, gardening and cooking.



I have a butterfly garden outside the art classroom's  back door. We harvest monarch butterfly larva from specialty milkweed plants from the garden in the fall. Several classrooms use them to  observe the metamorphosis from larva to adult butterfly. We  release our adult butterflies just in time for them to make their migration to Mexico.  Artists also spend time with "plein air" drawings in the garden.  That art term comes from the French phase: in open air.  Riverside also has a courtyard garden area that is available to individual classrooms to focus on STEM learning.